Aircraft Management

If you require a third party management provider for your corporate or personal aircraft then look no further. NA Jet is an industry recognized operator with an impeccable safety record! NaJet is also the first Eclipse Jet operator approved by the FAA for Part 135 On-Demand Charter and is still the only provider of Single-Pilot Charter Operations in the world. Our Management Program will take care of every operational detail so that you can focus on your business.

NA Jet Management Services

Pilot Hiring and Training

NA Jet will hire and train your pilot under our operational control and approved FAA training program. The pilot will be assigned to you / your aircraft and will be an employee of NA Jet, allowing you the opportunity to use other NA Jet pilots on staff when your assigned pilot needs rest, vacation, or sick leave. As an employee of NA Jet, your pilot will receive payroll, medical benefits, and professional oversight from us. This will allow you to focus on your core business. Allowing NA Jet's management staff to recruit, interview, practical test (simulator), and evaluate your pilot will create an efficient use of our resources and your time with a guarantee that the pilot is the best fit for your flying and personal needs.

Interviewing, hiring, testing and monitoring of crews. We set the highest standards for crew and aircraft operations. Planning and implementing a system of periodic training, proficiency checks and in-flight monitoring to ensure that the crew meets and exceeds the FAA's standards for flight proficiency, safety of flight and general operating knowledge.

Aircraft Scheduling

We understand this is your aircraft and we work to make sure it is always available for you. Upon your approval, we will execute agreements to charter your aircraft, allowing you a cost offset. When the aircraft is not being flown by you or your company, we will dispatch flights on a per hour charter basis.

Our dispatchers work around the clock to provide a full concierge service to you. When you have a trip, all you have to do is call and we will work to schedule your flight, ground transportation, hotels, in-flight meals, any permits required and will be your contact throughout each trip for any changes in your itinerary. If your aircraft isn’t available due to maintenance or other downtimes, or your flight needs exceed the capabilities of your airplane, we will make another NAJ managed aircraft available. Once again this service gives you access not only to a fleet that is nationwide, but also allows you access to a larger aircraft at the fraction of the cost.

What Schedulers / Dispatchers / Concierge Are / Do:

  • International and domestic trip and crew scheduling, maintenance scheduling, dispatch, flight following, flight plan filing
  • Accurate and timely filing of all required logs and certifications. Flight and weather briefings, arrangements made for commissary, hotels and ground transportation
  • Fuel Discount Programs with our company approved vendors
  • We provide a system for 24/7 operations for you!

Maintenance Management

NAJ has access to many resources dedicated to maintaining your aircraft with the highest regard to safety, cost-efficiency, and time. An aircraft has inspections required by the FAA on a calendar and flight time basis. Our state-of-the-art maintenance-tracking program will provide “Aircraft Status” reports to crewmembers and the flight department to accurately track all maintenance items. Our Maintenance staff will perform maintenance around your schedule to minimize any aircraft downtime and loss of revenue.

  • NA Jet plans and supervises all required inspections, record keeping, and maintenance by our FAA Diamond and AMT award-winning mechanics
  • We maintain current maintenance manufacturers’ manuals for the aircraft and equipment
  • Maintain compliance with all service letters, bulletins, and FAA airworthiness directives
  • Our quality control department assures that all log book and records are properly noted and recorded/updated appropriately resulting in a higher residual asset value on your aircraft at the time you sell.
  • Manage repair work and verify billing and warranty adjustments


NA Jet will provide all accounting services required in the management of your aircraft. Your NA Jet Accountant will supply you with a monthly reconciliation of your account with all aircraft flight operations documented with receipts. The profit / loss and summary report will be distributed to you or a designated controller / accountant. We will handle all payments (i.e. fuel, maintenance, salaries, etc.) under management and you will only receive one bill / check per month depending on the status of your account.

We provide a monthly statement verifying and paying of all aircraft related bills from your operating fund Additionally we provide monthly operating budgets, reports and a breakdown of all aircraft expenses and flight time.

NA Jet Management Benefits

Aircraft Acquisition

NA Jet will assist you in the acquisition of your next aircraft to minimize downtime and ensure that the aircraft is delivered with the required equipment installed and certified, or in the arrangement of your aircraft production position. While the aircraft is being prepared for your delivery, NAJ will coordinate all inspections and permitting required by the FAA (to include a conformity inspection, RVSM compliance, ELT registration, ELT registration, Radio Station registration and ultimate FAA approval for operation).

Aircraft Insurance

Under NAJ management you will be qualified for a discounted insurance policy as part of our fleet account. This service alone will provide you deep discounts in the fixed operational cost of your aircraft. We currently see fleet discounts ranging from 15%-20% lower than private owner policies due to the training and experience of our professional crewmembers. Our average policies have 50M Limited Liability and full aircraft hull value. This is higher than 95% of our competition and provides you with the protection you deserve as an owner. We will get you the best rate available!

NAJ would love to add you to their growing fleet of aircraft nationwide. We will continue to pass savings along through our strategic network of FBO’s, Maintenance Providers, and Fueling Programs guaranteeing you the lowest cost possible in your aircrafts operation. To become a client today or for more information please contact: